Yorkshire Bulldog Club Open Show
June 13th 2009
Judge Vicky Collins-Nattrass [Kezia]
The weather for this day was very very hot
Before it started Sonia and her mum ,with our new posh banner
Raffle table
Kitchen going into action
Judges Table before it started
Puppy Walk with Jackie Lunt in Charge
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Puppy Dog  ,Best Dog,Reserve Best In Show and Best Opposite Sex
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Minor Puppy
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Bullisimo Shezza Diamond for English Glory
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Reserve Best In Show ,Best Opposite Sex and Best Puppy

Bulldurham Northern Light
Yorkshire Bulldog Club June 13th 2009 Open Show  Grenoside Community Hall Sheffield
Judge Vicky Collins-Nattrass   [Kezia]
I had a super entry of 86 dogs  but the weather was scorching hot and I had a 50% absentee rate .
The quality of the dogs however  was extremely good, although some classes they stood alone they were worthy of their places in the challenge .The bitches classes were very well attended and I had some really super bitches to go over and place ,giving me a bitch line up that would have been worthy of a Championship show and enough there to see a type  I had chosen .I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to go over your dogs .
Minor Puppy Dog  6[3]
1st Martins Calibra Time Lord  7mth  Red and white puppy ,good length of skull,excellent front, enough rib ,neat feet ,mobile tail set correctly and moved very well ,still very much a baby but showing  much promise as I have seen before from this kennel .
2nd Smith & Powells  Caramel Legend Peace 8 months fawn and white  with good head and pleasing expression, front correct, moved well ,not as short in body  as number 1 but also promising .
3rd Martins Calibra  Skywalker
Puppy Dog  2[1]
1st Moody & Dobsons  Bulldurham Northern light ,10 month old stunning puppy,red and white with striking black  facial markings ,strong correct front ,well proportioned deep chest and brisket ,wide open nostrils and good width of jaw , good mover  ,should go far .Best Dog,Best Puppy,  Reserve Best in Show and BOS.
Junior dog 3[1]
1st Kennedys  Madonbulls Precioso, last time in Junior ,striking well proportioned white dog,excellent shoulders,good skull with wide jaw ,deep chest ,nice rosed ears ,moved well
2nd Jaqles Bailey ,14 months deep red male ,pleasing head  good open nostril s,correct head and chest,moved well slightly taller than 1 but close decision .
Novice Dog 3[2]
1st Schofield’s Eboraci Clyde it is  first time shown and not trained,17 months old heavy red dog ,good front ,clear eyes,correct topline and tailset ,ears not his fortune .
Graduate Dog  [1] ABSENT
Post Graduate Dog 4[3]
1st Holmes Shuckstun Little Ozzie ,just over the year and a striking well boned boy with excellent front, rose ears, open nostrils ,good depth of chest and brisket, mobile correctly set tail ,handled to his advantage.
Limit Dog 4[2]
1st Smith & Powells  William Wallis Ochills Boy, 2 years old red and white ,plenty of bone ,broad skull,nice front ,rose ears wide nostrils,neat feet,clear eyes, good proportion in profile
2nd Moore and Thomas Kikuchi Kompressor, white and red,3 years old well proportioned nice pear shape, deep rib, enough bone and moved well
Open dog 5[2]
1st Bradshaws  Barabus Augustus ,2 years old white dog with pleasing correct head, good width of foreface, excellent front, pear shaped, mobile tail, in hard condition if anything his feet let him down
2nd  Mcmunns  Goodbull Tommy Tucker 3 years old red dog larger than no 1,neat feet good front,despite his wide open nostrils suffered a little in the heat
3rd Schofield’s Eboraci Clyde
Veteran Dog  5[4]
1st Passmoors Mellafella Tynemite of Utilander , 7 years old,very well proportioned smaller dog,moved well ,good topline  could carry a little more weight
Minor Puppy Bitch 10[7]
1st Bishopricks Ocobo Teeceebee Pheorm [NAF]
A real baby still at 6 and ½ months  but showing promise ,nothing over done ,long skull,nice feet and ears  well proportioned
2nd Lee’s Milasha Moving On UP ,very promising 8 months olod larger type to 1,has very good foreface and expression,correct rose ears,dark pigment and wide nostrils lost out narrowly to 1 on movement
3rd Bradshaws  Barabus Roseanna
Puppy Bitch  12[6]
1st Coles Whitecole Elegant Miss,last time in puppy,pleasing bitch with good brick shaped head and dark eye markings ,good bone ,front and tight feet,wide jaw,excellent ear placement, very good mover ,handled to perfection .
2nd Moody and Dobsons Bulldurham Cosmic Girl  unlucky to meet 1,liked this bitch very much,very promising[like her brother]10 months old,nice pear shaped body with good front and deep chest,sound on the move even though she kept her head too low needs to lose that habit and she should go far .
3rd Scobels Starling Twinkle Toes
Another nice proportioned bitch slightly smaller , than the other two out of coat but very nice head shape will come on I think ,well .
Junior Bitch 4[1]
1st Chetwynds Celtic Pride J’adore at Rhydcroeson, very nice thick coated white bitch I had not seen before ,a quality girl well proportioned excellent pigment ,good  breed type should do some winning  handled well and moved correctly .
2nd Lunts Jaqles Baby ,brindle and white growing into a very nice all round bitch excellent example of the breed ,correct ears , head shape, pigment good,nice eyes and pear shaped body.unlucky to meet 1.
3rd Bells Jedona’s Dolly Day Dream
Novice Bitch 7[2]
1st Oldridge’s Jadeinarie  Lovabull at Penikary  2 and a half year old deep red bitch,wide jaw with correct bite,nice straight tail moved well ,maturity showed
2nd Websters Spalford Baileys over Ice ,very pleasing bitch with a good career ahead if she carrys on this way,good front and shoulders,darkest pigment,wide open nostrils,pleasing femine expression
3rd Morris’s Ragmarte Brandy Snap
Graduate Bitch 5[2]
1st Wolfes Bullisimo Shezza Diamond for English Glory,I have admired this bitch from being in puppy from the ringside and she did not disappoint me’ hands on ‘  standard sized 19 months old , lovely mouth,nice feet,open nostrils good ear placement,excellent front nothing about her to dislike a good honest bitch pleasure to make her my  BIS
2nd Martins Calibra Dolce Vita typy red and white good head and pigment,huge rib and brisket ,moved well shorter and lower than 1 ,should do well
3rd Davis Avapal Distinction,first time I had seen this bitch a quality girl unlucky to meet 1 and 2
Post Graduate Bitch 6[4]
1st Websters Morhar Private Dancer , quality bitch larger than I usually like and carrying a little too much weight but excellent type,good bone and front moved really well .
2nd Passmores Utilander Dignity ,unusual fawn smut bitch of smaller type  but well proportioned,sound mover nice  femine expression
Limit bitch 4[2]
1st  Holmes Shuckstons Funky Diva only 1 year old but a well grown mature looking bitch,correct mouth,large spacious rib, correct  rosed ears ,will only get better
2nd Nords Belheddon Mabel Lucy Attwell ,4 years old shapely bitch with correct skull ,tail and nice feet moved ok .

Open Bitch 6[4]
1st Mcmunns Gooodbull Dizzy Lizzie 19 month old bitch of excellent quality ,suffering with the heat and excitement ,excellent breed points, reluctant to move but when she did she was sound .
2nd Kennedys Mitzi Muller of Madonbulls 6 years old in excellent condition, wide jaw ,pear shaped body lovely tail that wagged ,good shoulders rear movement lets her down .

I thoroughly enjoyed my days judging thank you very much for such a nice entry
Vicky Collins-Nattrass [Kezia]  judge .