Vickys thoughts on the breed  documentary 
March 2018   Time to Blog

Life seems so hectic at the moment it feels like the time from the puppies being born has been one long blur and suddenly they are 13 weeks old , I still am really happy with the girl, I kept a boy too but the girl was always my pick, she carries her tail downward never high so I’m very pleased she has a feminine head,nice nostrils  and hopefully just needs to grow on
Lots happened in the wake of the Tv documentary  ,not in the way I expected ,the backlash from the Media was minimal much to the disappointment of the Bulldog Haters, it wasn’t helped by the BBC edit who showed a crossbred bulldog having a throat op  at the same time trying to tell us we need to cross for health  rather mixed messages .The Pederson report was quoted again but I’ve since found out that there is a big discrepancy  on the collection of data ,and quite a muddle up , the sample used was small and I cant believe that its still being quoted as its been challenged from many reliable sources .The same with the RCVS  their spokesperson carried on with her hypothesis  despite a newer scientific research project proving that it was not the case in bulldogs .

I actually felt bad for the Kennel Club, the BBC edit from 3 hours filming was crazy and made to look like they didn’t care except for money generated, there is a whole big issue about the reasons they were asking which couldn’t be simply explained in a biased edit , anyone who works with the Kennel Club are fully aware of the profits that are ploughed back into the dog world and before anyone thinks so ,I am not a member of the Kennel Club.
I know it is better for dogs that there is a registry and a control however lacking teeth , because breeds driven underground if you speak with the USA there is a terrible situation with numerous  alternative registries, which has weakened  dog control in the country .
  As it is our Kennel Club only registers just 30% of all dogs bred in the UK that’s 70% out there no one knows how many and no controls on anything  ,imports  cross breeds that have ridiculous names putting two breeds together is NOT healthier, one only has to read what the man who invented and created the Labradoodles says quite openly that he wishes he hadn’t , cross hybrid health doesn’t happen many dogs have both breeds issues it is not the answer .
New Legislation will be coming into force on October the 1st and unless they are training up staff as I write this they haven’t a cat in hells chance of policing it , its very annoying that the ones that will fall foul of it will not be the breeders of puppy farms or barns or importers but people who hobby breed, bring up puppies in a family home , its been well documented that home bred puppies well socialised are the best buy and that commercially bred in’ puppy only ‘environments all suffer from fear and other un adjusted  behaviours , this surely is not going to improve the puppies being sold , these establishments already have licences  so they will be unaffected , effectively reducing puppies being sold by hobbyists .. this is a very dubious situation , it’s going to be like motorists who properly register and insure so are traceable  and trackable, so are easy targets for fines , where as the ones who break the law and usually get away scot free,  the invisible law breakers ! all well intentioned but not looking at the bigger picture and the result that will be the outcome .

I myself fell foul of a certain group of people who not only hate our breed but are hell bent on banning it , however much they say they aren’t it takes only a minute to read through the posts and to see the bile spilled out against our Brachycephalic breeds  and actually including many much loved pedigree breeds  that make a lot of people’s lives worth living , I love all dogs having grown up with many breeds . In the aftermath of Crufts PETA who demonstrated and caused panic in the big ring , their top spokesperson wrote a disgusting statement saying that there should be no pets at all anymore people should interact with each other not animals , this was a revelation to many people as they falsely thought this group was about veganism, farm animals etc etc . no wake up they want to kill off all animals !! how dare they accuse breeders of Eugenics  when they have their own intention  to create human race only .
Anyhow  I soon was a target, so I took my punishment and found my personal mobile phone number linked on their vile platform and also Twitter, I’ve only ever had the same number for around 27 years back in Cellnet days every contact I’ve ever made can always find me so I had no intention of changing my number but no sensible person would ever put their number on twitter  and I considered and so did my husband that this was actually against the law and could have affected my safety ,after 7 full days ,we were hours away from seeking legal redress  when I had a message to say it was unintentional and was now removed. However I have it all carefully recorded screen shot and dated  for future reference .
I have  loved my puppies , long time followers will know that its been 5 years since I had a good litter , having had a premature one [ that’s this litter is out of one of them ]and the singleton  in 2016 that ended in sadness , not only was this to do with my breeding plans but as my husband had two years of being ill it meant I could not attempt to breed as I just had no time
Anyway cutting a long story short I got the opportunity to buy Storm who is my Arties grandson, he’s been health tested to Silver but is not old enough for Gold yet but he’s a very fit dog with no breathing noises and a lot of stamina to run like the wind and play all day .I read some ridiculous comments from people who have not a clue , but all I have had from this litter is pleasure bringing back our old lines both mine Kezia and John’s Bonifaco,as due to the gap in breeding I had several faliures to bring back our lines and then all of a sudden it worked ! we can go forward, my little girl I’ve kept is looking very promising and I kept a boy for good measure
Looking forward to this next Blackpool and Fylde Open Show where I’m launching my new book Living with Bulldogs ,22nd April 2018  a small guide to finding a bulldog and explain some of those things  bulldogs are peculiar for , it’s a personal journey not really a text book but hopefully a help .

I have another Blog in the making and I shall be sharing that one next nothing short of a miracle if it works out

Don’t   Forget Bulldog Day Uk  held at Newark Showground  June 3, its on Facebook , and the web address is ..
I hope to see lots of you there !
Cheers Vicky x