Bulldog Of the Year  2009 ITALY
Alessio organised this very
prestigious event
Based on The Bulldog Of The Year in the UK , Alessio had a dream of holding a similar competition in Italy
with Three Uk Judges and the same scoring method as the Bulldog Incorporated ....
I was very proud to be invited  to do it  with Paul Harding [Pringhams] and Dawn Mantle
[Dawnstar] two Uk breeder judges whose dogs I really admire
27 Dogs and Bitches were invited to take part
Our First night Alessio and Valentina took us to view the sunset
After staying in a fabulous italian villa for B&B we headed to the camping ground where this event was held  calling on  Allesios friend and looking at his puppies
We all had our own little cabin  ,we were greeted by  lovely flowers in the room
The Judging of the Bulldog Of The Year took place at 6 pm in this lovely setting
Waiting to judge
Bulldog of the Year 2009 [Dog]
Love Sonny Van Cleef 
Riccardo & Chiara Giuria
Reserve Bulldog of the Year  [Best bitch]
Luvipride Kourouss,  Lucia Trotta
more photos to follow  Dawn Mantle Judging
Maria Harding and Earl Kenyon
no time to  add them yet ...