Birmingham and Midland Counties Bulldog Club
Championship Show 2017
I would like to thank the committee and the exhibitors and the members of this club  for making my first UK Championship Show appointment  so very memorable
Vicky Collins Nattrass
Lieza Handley Secretary said:
'We have a fantastic entry of 168 dogs making 177 entries,
thank you Vicky Collins-Nattrass.'
very proud of my entry ... thank you
MPD Seehurst Redemption Man
PD Ruakuri  Chasing the Great
JD Davis’s  Milasha No Retreat Ocobo 
ND Martin’s Calibra Gold Bullion
PGDDavies,S  Baalzebull Rawks
LD Sibbicks  Nobozz Addonis of Treasurabull
Seals Ch Sealaville  He’s Tyler
Reserve Best Dog at Bulldog of the Year 2017
CBZ Ch Destiny De Oro Graso  Maximo Jose Dominguez Lavado
MPBFreemans Rosco’s Moondance by EM Testwood,
PBEatons Ricatori Pokett Rokett
JB Hill’s Lady Medusa of Taranisbull
NB Davis ,K.Buck and Sons Irikumi Mystyle [IMP ITA]
PGBHanleys Ragmarte Lilly Pad for Blenhiemstar
LB Simpsons Jackarhys My kind of Love,
Bentley’s Triarder That’s It That’s All,
2nd in OPEN RCC winner
  Newmans Wencar Ice Ice Baby
YB Jordan’s Souterbull She’s the Sundance
YD .Manders   Erimusbulls Mannion
Best in Show Ch Sealaville  He’s Tyler ,this dog commands attention ,he’s a showman and enjoys it ! my first time touching him and I was not disappointed ,he deserves his accolades ,presented in first class condition I liked his breed points ,and characteristics, my clear CC winner .DOG CC BEST IN SHOW
Reserve BIS
Best Veteran Steads  Ch Cookie Dough at Chezzabully
Best Puppy Seehurst Redemption Man
BEST BITCH CC  and Reserve BB CC
Mr Maximos CBZ Ch Destiny De Oro Graso,
Vicky Collins-Nattrass
11 June
A very quick word before I crash out, I got home just before 8 pm. I would like to thank the committee of the Birmingham and Midland Counties Bulldog Club for a fantastic show and I thoroughly enjoyed my day . I was very impressed with the dogs they were so improved in their eyes ,lovely eyes and many dogs went unplaced would have liked to have been able to reward , my opinion is we are not doing too badly as a breed to turn out almost 150 Bulldogs that showed little problems in relation to health issues you can be proud breeders of your dogs, each and everyone I judged today , My critique will follow in a few days .If anyone's wondering what the change of clothing was all about I bought my Royal Blue Suit [well had it made ] but when I saw the huge entry I thought to be comfortable wear something you won't have to feel restricted in! hence my clothing for the Show,, but I had the whole outfit including red white and blue shoes so I decided I would change to award the CCs and give Best in Show so I wasn't being a Diva I was using what I had bought to do the whole show LOL !
I enjoyed my day immensely.
.Birmingham and Midland Counties Bulldog Club
11th June 2017

Word from the Judge,

Thanking the Birmingham and Midland Counties for giving me the opportunity to judge their show my first CC appointment, this club was the first I joined as Ellen and Les Cotton were my mentors, it felt fitting I was doing my first important show there.

The Health of the breed, which you know I’m passionate about, was certainly at a high, all exhibitors can be very proud of their dogs they showed to me.

It must be remembered only 5 places in a big class means I liked a lot of dogs who were unplaced and on another day they could be up in that 5 line up!

Eyes are improved, so our efforts to educate must be working, skins were excellent, feet mostly tight and good.
I was shocked to move a tail to find no bone and if this was a health issue there should have been a permission to show letter !
Overall I thought that  few dogs were unsound and if I thought they were, I pointed it out to the owner.
Lots had the lovely bulldog ‘roll movement’ some toplines could be improved but were better on the move than standing which can be handler error .

Biggest disappointment was too many narrow jaws, and too far forward. Having addressed the tails  and winning with the eyes, I think breeders need to concentrate on how to bring width back and the correct layback which is badly affected by this problem. The foreface looks wide and good from the outside  but it’s an area which I know has deteriorated, this I believe is the direct result of concentrating on one aspect and the loss of  width in jaw  in a bulldog is sad .

I feel armed now with a good experience to go forward and to address the claim show dogs are unhealthy , they aren’t ! be proud exhibitors !

Minor Puppy Dog  11 [1 abs]
1ST       Seehurst Redemption Man Pleasing, Promising R&W puppy dog, good skull and expression clear bright eyes, enough nostril, adequate jaw, neat feet, well balanced body, moved well
2nd Bannisters Andlare Peaky Blinder, very nice layback R&W, good open nostrils, plenty of bone nice rose ears good mover

Puppy Dog  14 [2 abs]
1st  Ruakuri  Chasing the Great ,9 month R&W, correct head great pigment and a stunning upsweep , clear eyes ,good brisket and tail ,well presented
2nd Watkins ShipshapeJ’Adore R&W also 9 months, stunning correct layback, rose ears, enough nostril also good brisket and tail both these dogs moved well and another day could have changed places.
Junior Dog 7 [2 abs]
Ist  Davis’s  Milasha No Retreat Ocobo  R& W  15 months old classic well-proportioned head ,lovely upswept underjaw, good open nostrils, rosed ears,clear open eyes ,neat feet and excellent rear angulation,body correct with excellent tail. Movement correct and pleasing.
2nd Bragger & Hill’s Pride Of Bully Rembrant ,12 months R&W , masculine head and expression very mature looking for his age ,good sized nostrils neat ears ,tight feet ,good body with big rib and a tail that wags ,excellent movement ,pushed hard for 1st.
Yearling Dog 6
1st Manders   Erimusbulls Mannion Pleasing R&W male, classic head, neat ears adequate nostrils, clear eyes, tight feet good bone deep brisket ,loose tail, good gait, immaculately presented
2nd  Smiths  Jirukas Max Verstappen Saintrosemill  Red Brindle and White correct skull, little heavy on the nose roll, ok nostrils, bright clear eyes, correct feet, tacked on shoulders and loose tail moved really well, another really quality dog .
Novice Dog 8[1]
1st Martin’s Calibra Gold Bullion R & W, classic skull, well-proportioned smaller type ,correct ears ,adequate nostrils, clear eyes and tight feet .Tail placement good
2nd Davies Neibull the Governor, great head qualities, wide open nostrils, ears correct, clear bright eyes, good body proportions, good angulation leading to great movement. I had seen and admired this dog last year and he’s matured nicely he pushed hard for 1st place

Post Graduate Dog  11 [4 abs]
1st Davies,S  Baalzebull Rawks , 2yrs old R&W, lovely masculine dog with a wonderful front ,pleasing head ,clear eyes and ok nostrils ,particularly neat feet ,a good type and the biggest spectator reaction when I pulled him out !
2nd Garsides Bemojo Glory be Iceglint ,R&W 19 months old needs to mature and calm down a little but lovely type ,good jaw width ,already has a nice front, needs to keep his tail down which he can !
Limit Dog 14 [2 abs]
1st Sibbicks  Nobozz Addonis of Treasurabull  This deep red dog had everything, lovely head with wrinkle but not deep, good ears, nostrils, well-proportioned great tail and really moved to show off his correct movement , I considered this  dog in the challenge and another day I expect to see big wins for this dog .
2nd Davis.K,Ras El Belat Karmelo Mystyle [Imp ITA]nice type good classic well-proportioned head with large nostrils, a correct layback I think this is a very promising dog just needs time to mature
Open Dog 14 [2abs]
1st Seals Ch Sealaville  He’s Tyler ,this dog commands attention ,he’s a showman and enjoys it ! my first time touching him and I was not disappointed ,he deserves his accolades ,presented in first class condition I liked his breed points ,and characteristics, my clear CC winner .DOG CC BEST IN SHOW
2nd Mr Maximos CBZ Ch Destiny De Oro Graso, Admired this dog at Crufts andno doubt had 1 not been there would have been my choice for the CC, beautiful head lovely small ears great layback the complete picture strong pigment correct front not over done in any way, good mover RCC Reserve Best In Show
Minor Puppy Bitch 16 [6 abs]
1st Freemans Rosco’s Moondance by EM Testwood, pleasing puppy, feminine head, eyes soft expression only just 6 months nice mover ,promising
2nd Davies P Kismond Winter Sunset, lovely upsweep but would have liked just a tad more length of skull, good front and body, hope she settles and keeps her tail down as also promising.
Puppy Bitch  15 [2abs]
1st Eatons Ricatori Pokett Rokett classic head white with excellent pigment ,beautiful upswept foreface ,proportions good, great free moving tail carried correctly
2nd Rudds Myeisha Lady Destiny, lovely feminine head with great foreface ,good open nostrils, clear eyes , shoulders and good tail ,these two could have changed places  and another day, will , both have a great future ahead I’m sure
Junior Bitch 12 [3abs]
1st Hill’s Lady Medusa of Taranisbull striking substantial well boned girl but still feminine, good breed points particularly liked her foreface, pigment and presented immaculately, hopefully a good future ahead.
2nd Williamson’s Shipshape wish upon a Star at Skabeat, honest bitch, has great skull and impossible to ignore her, had upsweep of jaw, well off for wide nostrils brisket and bone, depth of chest 
Yearling Bitch 8[1abs]
1st Jordan’s Souterbull She’s the Sundance, feminine bitch with pleasing head, width of jaw and teeth, good rib and standard size, clear eyes, neat feet,  moved well, handled to perfection
2nd Manders Erimusbulls Rita Hayworth, another stunning example of the breed similar type to one and pushed hard for place, eyes, nostrils, ears, feet, all correct, excellent front, great moving.
Novice Bitch  7[1abs]
1st Davis ,K.Buck and Sons Irikumi Mystyle [IMP ITA] R&W typey bitch ,correct upswept jaw ,all good breed points standard size, worthy of her place ,only 13 months
2nd Smiths Nobozz Storm Saintrosemill 2, feminine, good upsweep, classic head good nostrils and correct ear placement, will swap places with number 1 on different day, good on the move .
Post Graduate Bitch 9 [1 abs]
1st  Hanleys Ragmarte Lilly Pad for Blenhiemstar 2yrs R&W, great width of skull, ear placement and adequate nostrils, correct  shoulders ,good tuck up ,moved well ,presented proudly.
2nd Owens Cymrubull Seren Aur  2yrs R&W, correct skull with impressive upsweep and foreface , deep brisket lovely front, moved well with excellent tail  another that will have a bright future .
Limit Bitch  9  [1abs]
1st Simpsons Jackarhys My kind of Love, lovely feminine bitch, excellent upswept jaw with width, good skull, clear eyes and adequate nostrils, looking for perfection would have liked a little more length of leg 
2nd Martins Calibra Clementine JW, feminine bitch with lovely proportions, no exaggeration in body front ,good width of jaw equal qualities with 1st lost out on layback ,stunning standing

Open Bitch  14 [2abs]
1st Bentley’s Triarder That’s It That’s All, a truly outstanding girl, breed points all there and nothing too much, love her skull ,pigment and upsweep to die for ,presented and moved well .worthy winner of my BCC and BOS looking to see her get her third and crown in the near future .
2nd Newmans Wencar Ice Ice Baby well-proportioned feminine girl , good skull beautiful front ,brisket and neat feet ,lovely mover RBCC  well deserved .
Veteran bitch 2
1st Steads  Ch Cookie Dough at Chezzabully  fawn and white quality bitch looking good for veteran  unfortunately she was favouring one leg
2nd Parkers MadonBull She is Love at Albionpride also wonderful condition however had  an eye closed due to an accident  so the placement was a hard decision , I liked both very much .
Vicky Collins-Nattrass

Many!  Many Thanks for the Wonderful Photos taken by Paws 2 Pics
6 of my dogs above here qualified for Bulldog of the Year Im proud  of you all and congratulations to the winning dogs
on November 25th 2017 at Luton