Bulldog Club Of America Nationals Speciality in Spokane Washington 2007
On the way  2000 miles drive
Sweepstakes  Showing Cati's Canna Raid AKA Bug
BIG which stands for Bulldog Interactive Group
The first Seminar /discussion was about Puppy Rearing,I showed a film about dogs in the womb and we had a good discusion afterwards about the problems we encounter
Monday 1st October
Wednesday 9.30am
Showing Ch Canna Pringles In the Intersex  Class
Recognise the Judge ?
Fred Haynes who is now living in USA
different day ! different judge
Fred's Winners Dog
Spokane Fountain
Spokane Falls
Mount Rushmore !
Cati Canna Bulls USA who made all these trips possible !
Amazing Countryside .....bleak and wild , miles and miles with no cars or houses
Cati Showing Canna Raid to Mike Brunk
This trip was awesome !
We made it Back to Cati's
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