Bulldogs and Health
Pedigree Dogs exposed !
Extremley Biased and  cleverly edited  programme to shock to sensationalize and to make the Kennel Club look like complete idiots ,cruel.............dogs don't fit to order for the camera  unless they are off their medication,dogs don't scream in agony at just the moment for the camera the poor dog should have been pts long before the filming .
Bulldogs were only lightly touched on probably because we are up at the forefront of doing our best for the breed healthwise with a health assessment scheme with countrywide vets all involved .I helped the Pekingnese set up a similar scheme .
I personally have been talking and helping some Cavalier breeders to get some puppies from a MRI scanned dog [Scan cost £600] free of this awful disease .no one was allowed to tell the precautions the individual breeds were taking to iron out any health issues , not a second of Kennel Club interviewing personel was shown even though hours of interviewing took place .of explaining this ..
Shame on the film maker anyone can make a condeming film about anything even the background music was funereal...but telling both sides of the situation takes skill ,not predudice .The limit was the Hitler reference to me how disgusting and low could they get .
In my opinion the BBC make a crap job of Crufts anyhow so much more could be done to promote dogs and their purpose ,so I am in favour of another tv channel having a go , I always have thought the BBc was above such cheap tv  gimmicks obviously not .