Once upon a time ......
Bulldogs in the USA and my experiences
{For Love of the Bulldog ...} and my winners !
There was a little boy called Hercules with Easty Westy feet , whose mum posted on the then quite new www.on Acme Pets Chat Board  was there anything that could improve that? , Over the Pond was a hairdresser who was cazy about her bulldogs so she answered her , that was the start of a 20 year friendship with Cati Ault and the Start of my American Adventures .... 1999 my first trip to the Nationals in Connecticut ,  and what a journey its been !

Cati's house which has become my USA home
I've been so lucky seeing the States as we followed the Nationals through their Divisions annually all over the whole country , seeing places and things I've only ever seen in the movies .
I've missed three Nationals in the whole 18 years, but I've made 3 trips in the states  besides the Nationals so this year it was my 20th visit .. and WOW what a visit !!

Over the years I judged at The Illiana show Sweepstakes , and in the Strawbullyfest in Florida  also Sweepstakes .

I took the BCA judging and mentoring Seminar and enjoyed that very much , my mentor was Wayne Brower wish he could have been at the Nationals  so he could see me judge .

I've waited to see the photographs before I completed this web page so I could  tell you a little about how I was thinking after I was invited to judge the pre National Show in the National venue !

Completely thrilled and overwhelmed !
Cati Ault                         Carol Kroll                and me
Carol Newman and myself some serious chatting !
impromptu  seminar !
Empire Midas Rex Good as Gold owned by Alexandre De Moura  this gave him his championship with a 5 point Major  expertly handled by Dennis O Conner
G Ch Major League Take my Breath Away  owned by Teresa Mc Dermott & Zack Lane
G Ch Aguirres Lloyd Britches  owned by David Kauffman and Jane Fuller  expertly handled by Dennis Murphy
Ch Ace N Glendars I'm a Playboy
owned by Kelly L Ensminger
Ch Cherokee Legend White Pearl ,
owned by Connie Chambers Cody Sickle and Barbara Reiger
Select Bitch Illianna Bulldog Club  October 2017
Best Of Breed
Thanks to all the most wonderful entry possible for my first Ch  show appointment  in the USA , it was the stuff dreams are made of  having admired the dogs for 20 years from ringside it was incredible to be given this opportunity  by the Illiana Bulldog Club to be judge  at  the pre show at Nationals was just Magic !
I hope I  gave each and every dog the same consideration and  a happy experience of being gone over by someone who loves and appreciates every  entry , I would have liked to critique the dogs as we do in the UK  and often had words running through my head longing to say when I was very impressed with what I was feeling and seeing,  so thank you from the bottom of my heart  and happy showing during the coming years ,
Vicky Collins-Nattrass
Iliana Bulldog Club
October 8th 2017

There are 180 dogs entered in this show making 182 entries

Ring 1 Mrs Mary Lou Lofdal
  82  entries

Ring 2  Mrs Victoria Collins-Nattrass  UK
98 entries including 48 Best of Breed  Champions
Not Forgetting Audrey Hoogerhyde , Shirley Blanchard  and Carol Newman
Calling all photographers  responsible for the above  photos , some have been sent to me, some linked I would like to put your credits underneath if you send me them  I will do that as soon as I recieve them
PS  I've carefully brought home my wonderful corsage, I've dried the purple flowers and ordered some silk white carnations to replace those as I want to keep this as a great memento of the day ,I'll show you when I've done it !
  Well perhaps now is the time to explain why I didn’t cut the Breed Class, I had 4 groups to go over but when I came to the USA the very first time in 1999 I saw the cuts made in the big classes  but observed that in some groups I liked lots, in others not so many , it occurred to me that  I would have wanted to judge them all against each other , for that choice for the cut at the end , so that’s what I did, judged them all together at the end 47 I believe then cut twenty which turned out to be 10 dogs and 10 bitches I kept to choose from , this was not on purpose  the stewards told me later I did it equally.
There were many dogs I would have liked to reward but I was pleased with my choices , in the UK  the time of 6 hours ahead meant I didn’t start judging till it was 11pm here  so then I judged way into our night !! So I did very well by getting on USA time , I wasn’t too tired  it was really a magical experience.
The lovely weather meant on the day I swam in the wonderful pool  and sunbathed all the day till it was time to judge.
It was over two years since I had seen your dogs so I could look with a really fresh eye , they were awesome !

Vicky x
.Best Opposite Sex