Saturday 9th February 2008 at Hayward leisure Centre ,Bolton
The lighting in this venue was terrible for taking photos  anyone whose dog we picked is very welcome to send in a better photograph of their  entered dog.
Bulldog  4 classes Judge: Dr John Nattrass [Bonifacio]
French Bulldogs  3 Classes  Judge Vicky Collins Nattrass

Lhasa Apso        3 Classes
3 classes of Akitas
Judge Vicky Collins-Nattrass

Puppy Class
Junior Class line up
Unbeaten Bulldogs
Best of Breed  and Best Puppy
Bulldog Critique will follow when I can get John to write it up !!
Best Of Breed ,Also Utility Group 4
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  Hornbys Annessabull Queenslander [BP]
Rileys Louarne Mr Bo Jangles for Rumbletums
Best Of Breed  Stansfields Nokomis Whispering Breeze
Unbeaten Dog Line Up
Post Grad  1st Gavaghan Vaghna Oppsa Daisy
Junior 1st Stansfileds Nokomis  Whispering Breeze
Critique to follow, thanks for giving me the  chance to see your dogs ...........Vicky
3  Classes of Lhasa Apso
Foreshaws Million Dollar Baby  1st Junior
Best of Breed , Utility Group Puppy
Foreshaws Million Dollar Baby
Utility Group  winners... Standard Poodle 1....Lhasa 2 *Akita 3 *Bulldog 4*
Utility Puppy Group   Akita 1* Bulldog 2*  Lhasa 3* Keeshound 4
* denotes John and .Vickys BOB's
Best of Breed Lhasa Apso
Roberts Tungkoon Yu Shun by Zuthis
Utility Group 2 
Best Puppy in Breed  Puppy Group
3 Grays  Becsgame Quietly Confident
Lhasa Line up
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French Bulldogs
Junior 1[0]
1st Stansfield’s Nokomis Whispering Breeze, brindle 13months old bitch ,pleasing head qualities,nice arch of neck correct balanced body moved well ,stood alone but a worthy winner.BOB
Post Graduate 2[0]
1st  Gavaghan’s Vaghna Oopsa Daisy  2years old bitch with a nice head,good movement with strong hindquarters a little deeper chest would have been nice.RBOB
2nd Stansfields Coneysluck Kake 2  1/2 year old Dog,moved  very well but a little too tall to be balanced,good pigment ,outgoing personality
Open [No Entries ]

Lhasa Apso
Junior  6[1]
1st Roberts Tungkoon Yu Shun by Zuthis ,13 month old Dog with attitude,correct drive from behind,correct teeth and bite ,eyes good,a little out of coat but his movement more than made up for that .BOB  Utilty Group 2
2nd Scholes Rossglide Just a Dream ,17 month old  dog  with excellent coat, moved well,correct proportions ,nice neck ,Very pleasing  to go over .
3rd Grays  Becsgame .promising  puppy,needs to build up confidence on the table  BP
Post Grad 4[1]
1st Scholes  Rossglide Just a  Dream [as above ]
2nd Scholes Rossglide Dream of Gold  promising 7 month Gold  dog on  his first outing ,well proportioned and good mover should do well.
3rd Delucchi  Rossglide to Dream on at Whybun
1st Scholes  Rossglide Just a  Dream [as above ]
2nd Scholes Rossglide Dreamof Gold [As Above ]
3rd Delucchi  Rossglide to Dream on at Whybun

Junior 2[1]
1st Although stood alone this puppy was stunning and a worthy winner, powerful muscular rear,correctly  curled  and carried tail ,thick neck, brisk and  powerful movement .BOB .BP. This puppy went on to be awarded Best Puppy in Utility Group