.Report for the Nederland’s Bulldog Club

It was a great honour and a surprise for John and I to be asked to Judge your Family Day Show , as we are not Championship Show Judges , there  are very few opportunities for us to  Judge in Europe and we were thrilled and excited to be coming to do such an interesting  appointment .

Both of us have  a lot of experience, John has had bulldogs for 30 + years and has made up 3 English Champions and  several dogs of his breeding achieved championship status abroad ,not least Ch Bonifacio Fergie De  Sandean  who also got his obedience title too in France !!

Myself I have been very involved in health issues of bulldogs and recently published a book about breeding bulldogs .On Arrival at the Airport Fritz was waiting and told us things about the countryside as we drove to the SchildKamp Center .

We found your country enchanting both of us had been to Amsterdam before  but were totally unprepared for the lovely part that you hold your shows in  so much so we would like to spend more time in this lovely place !,we spent a lovely day  in Leardam…and thoroughly relaxed in the very warm weather we were lucky to experience.The hotel was very comfortable and the food excellent we tried many dishes we had not eaten before .

It was an especially nice break  for me as I had just spent 3 weeks rearing 5 orphan puppies  and the first day I slept 12 hours in one time !

We were impressed by the lovely venue and appearance of the Show rings , beautifully laid out and decorated, the surface underfoot was particularly nice for the dogs as it was not in the least slippery. The organisation was very professional and we were helped as the procedure is different to our way in the UK , we decided we would find judging in reverse order confusing so we did it ‘UK way ‘.Our hostess the owner of the very famous Bagera looked after us so well ,all day keeping us fed and watered !

We were very  impressed by the dogs particularly that the majority had tails that were mobile and healthy, movement was good, and the temperament was second to none, size wise we found more dogs standard weight than oversize ,  I found that the layback in most dogs was correct  and overall  you have dogs to be proud of with much to offer the breed, both puppy classes had real quality dogs in the making and I should think many will go on to be  great show dogs .

I myself had never used the critique sheets before and I worked on the assumption that every dog there excelled in one  breed point at least, I looked and complimented the best parts of each exhibit. The sportsmanship of the exhibitors was wonderful with genuine applause for the winning dogs .

We had a great entry 88 dogs between us , John was rather overwhelmed as his first class had 23 bitch puppies in it ! He worked methodically and made notes so he didn’t forget the points he liked on each one , arriving at quite popular decisions ,we had some very impressive upsweeps, and the dogs were very clean and well cared for a credit to their owners .We thank you all very much for the privilege of going over your dogs  and accepting our decisions  in good humour.

Most of our friends in the UK  were amused to think that we had to decide the winning dog and reserve best in show , saying we would not agree…  but there was no problem we both liked the same dog and we  both agreed on the bitch going for breed type in that final decision.

Once again we would like to thank you all for your entry your hospitality and a wonderful first European Judging appointment we will never forget .

Vicky Collins-Nattrass and Dr John Nattrass

Beautiful  prizes for the winners
My class of Puppies
Johns Class of 23 [only 1 absent ]
Johns Winners
Best Dog and Best In Show 
Amadeüs v. Zanybulls
Sire: Multi Ch. Ocobo Freddy MyStyle
Dam: Bully v.d. Redboekeniers
Best Bitch
Sire Ch Captain Hudson with Mystyle
Dam  Bohemian van het Slaghek
Thank you very much once again for bringing your dogs for us to see, I fell in love with your part of the country and hope to visit for a holiday in the not too distant future .....
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