Bulldog Day Photos
At   The Canine Academy Tollerton Nr Nottingham
Starting to arrive ...with puppy
making new friends and learning from each other
couch potato's I don't think so
You're cute
Big Al and Little Ali with Holly preparing the barbeque , they did this for us last year on their own property , we loved them !
We hope we can pursuade them to do it next time .
Our food prices were kept reasonable and we bought the best quarter pounders, fresh sausages and Morrisons Fresh baps,tea was PG tips and Coffee, Maxwell House .Branded canned drinks bottled water all sold out we wanted to give you good value for money !
However next time  we need volunteerrs to serve in the kitchen it was just too much for us without help , so if you fancy being our kitchen servers please e mail me we could sell some more items and give more choice if we had helpers lined up !
Thanks to  Deborah and Antony who manned our Stall as unfortunately the rest of us wre far to busy to talk !!
here is a very smiley Paul  wonder what the joke was ?
Blackpool and Fylde Bulldog Club
We are your Organising club , it was our idea to have an event for everyone and give all the  raised funds to Rescue ,
Vicky Collins-Nattrass  is Vice President and a Rescue Trustee and the chairman  of the Trust .
Paul Reynolds was our Master of Ceremonies
Pauline Reynolds  in charge of the kitchen
Jessica Reynolds , Handling and Puppy party Organiser
Wendy and Danny Hodgekinson helped out everywhere[committee ]
Rose and Dave Hendy [Tombola] dog sitters
Hayley and Paul Seal from the Yorkshire Bulldog Club who gave a hand everywhere
Maria who is aunty to one of our puppies sold , she got roped into the kitchen ,
Karen  who was helping out on Spalfords stand did a long Kitchen Stint

Blackpools Tombola ,Rose and Dave ,with some items Rose made herself  including some Limited Edition of 500 ,  Silver pendants cast from our Genies Head .............
email if you saw them and liked them  everyone sold is worth £1 to Bulldog Rescue
The Yorkshire Bulldog Clubs very clever invention to raise rescue funds  Hook A Duck  manned by Jane their Treasurer
The Sheffield and Leodensian Bulldog Club 
Their fund raiser was name the large bulldog and they had a selection of  homemade cakes , seen here Denise Lees secretary  and their chairman  Viv Cotton and Barry
The British Bulldog Club
Manned by Eileen Aldridge [Secretary ]
and helped by Sonia Saxon[ Committee member ]
Dizzy Holmes [Mr Rescue ]  looking after Maggie a very lucky rescue who has had life threatening surgery  and is now going to be a permenant  lodger at  the Rescue
Graham []fundraiser and Trustee and wife Val from Bulldog Rescue Manning the Raffle
Hiding at the Back ......
the main girl .......
Tania Holmes hardworking Rescue Director and Co Ordinator
waiting for the Rescue Parade and Fancy Dress
Fancy Dress Parade
Preston Football Crazy
and Reverie Bat Girl
Daisey  a rescue girl fostered by Alison and Oliver
found her forever home with Rod who drove up from Brighton to see her and collected her from Rescue the following day
Bonifacio Prestigieux  at Kezia
liked his outfit !
Karen helping out on Spalfords Cool Collar Stall  and sold some of Vicky s  books and tube feeding kits
If You are interested in the collars e mail
Centurion Manor Gifts  real china with your dog on and breed specific memorabillia visit Richards website
That Dog Gets Everywhere!!!
Johns daughter and grandchildren
It was a real family affair , Andrea, Mark
Donovan and Baby Harvey
Striding Out !!! no couch potato's allowed Addictabull Polka Dot
Winner of
Fancy Dress Competition
judged by Caroline Maybe [Oakprides Bulldogs]
Next Generation Bonifacio Breeders
Gail and Matts   Preston Babies
Bulldogs everywhere even with a waggy tail !!!
All Profits raised were for Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust
Opps Whats That ?let's investigate
Puppy Fix love that puppy breath
The  Wall  Fun Photo Competition  .
The Winner was MOLLY chosen by our
Judge Dizzy [Mr Rescue]
She won a very nice bulldog statue
in a plant pot which was  donated
by Bullystone Bulldogs Hartlepool
Comments from the people who came .........
if you would like to tell us how you found the day  please email and your comments can be added here if you say we have permission to do so in your email

what great fun the bullies had!!!
it was lovely to see them all tazzing about too
who said bulldogs cant run!!!


Nice to see you again!  Would just like to say "what a fantastic day"!!! We (and Becky n Ruby) enjoyed every minute.  Well done!!
Keep up the good work, and hope you have raised alot of money.

Chat again soon

Mandy n family xx
We've been to the Bulldog UK day and had a fab time.  Thanks to all the organisers for a lovely day.
We also spent a fortune.  We took Sparkle with us and my hubby kept giving her me to hold - just so I couldn't get to my purse.
I bought raffle tickets, had a couple of gos on the tombolo, a bulldog rescue car sticker and some postcards, a long handled poop scoop, the Bulldog Today book signed by C. Thomas, and a t-shirt and of course put in the tin.   
There were some lovely bulldogs there and we had a great time.  Loved watching all the little bulldogs in the 1st puppy party and enjoyed the show demonstration.The food was very reasonably priced too!

Melanne .

Thanks to Alan Clifford Radio Nottingham for Drive time interview
Extra Special thanks to my wonderful friend Kimberley  in whose capable hands I left my puppies , she missed last times too because she sat for me then too ! but without her help I couldn't have been there ............
Spalfords Entry .
Oliver and Duke
Alison Jones,
  Rescue area volunteer travelled the furthest to help , spent the night in our caravan,was very helpful firstaider  and also ran the very good fun roll the coin at the Whiskey bottle
Chris and Georgia who got stuck on the gate , sorry guys I hope  you enjoyed it  you did great !
Dr John Nattrass , who provided all the ink and paper for the programme and signs and got stuck outside parking the overflow cars !
sorry John !

Loved all the pictures can't believe I deleted all mine stupid or what.
We had a fantastic day loved meeting old friends and meeting new ones.Seeing all the puppies was great and I had lots of cuddles.
The amount of money raised was fantastic
A big thank you to everyone who organised such a smashing day
See you next year
Alison,Oliver and Duke xx

lovely collection of pics from the day,the girls really enjoyed themselves although bonnie was conked out by the afternoon...looking forward to the next time out...love from steve jo and the girls

This is Lily, at the bulldog day! We had a great day, meeting lots of people & gorgeous dogs.
Many thanks Vicki & Nick

if you have your dogs photos at bulldog day send them in and they will be added here !
Just to say we had a great day and met many beautiful bullies, my Dixie loved it, and it gave us a chance to meet some wonderful people who were very helpful.

Thank you again.
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IN the Education Theatre  .................
Vicky gave a brief slide show on how and where to get your puppy  ,lots of useful advice to  help you ask all the right questions of your seller..
Followed by an open forum basic bulldog care which developed into a discussion of som,e of the standard points of the bulldog , ears , tails and nose rolls explained , good feed back from the audience , Thank You very much !
Power point slide show avaliable  to purchase  £6 [£4 to Bulldog Rescue ]
please e mail if you would like the slide presentation
.Hi this is a pic of Ruby ,she loved bulldog day.cant believe how so many dogs running around in 1 place ,my son cant wait for next years and neither can we.Loved it thanx ...ROLL ON 2009..michelle,ed,ted,ruby and george beech