Much love to all our families and our friends and the kindness and support people have shown me during this last years very difficult time.
love you all,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From Vicky and John , Kezia and Bonifacio Bulldogs
6 weeks old today !
Reverie ,Super mum!only a small girl but has reared her puppies  without any supplementation
'No  !!!! I am not Black ,very dark brindle
very flashy and striking ,my mum used not to like Brindles but she seems very keen on us,I think our mum is her favourite ....
she really loves our small well placed ears and says our heads are super ,in fact she says the whole litter are so alike its been hard to chose between us '
OUR Mamma loves us too,Merry Christmas xxx
This year we had to say goodbye to our Rescue  Sam a real gentleman of  a dog whose presence here in the house was a pleasure  RIP SAM XX

LOVE YOU DAD  you are always with me in my heartxxx.
Welcome little Bonifacio BItch born on the 17th December ,only one ,mum isn't feeding so here she is fingers crossed for survival
She has a lovely tail  but are not counting our chickens too early !!
Puppies Puppies everywhere   Kezia Puppies !!